Estate and Letting Agents

If we had to pick one customer type that we believed we understood more than any other it would unquestionably be Estate & Letting agents.

Director and founder of Express Property Services Alan Hammick actually comes from an estate agency background having worked for several such agencies in the North West of Bristol before venturing into property maintenance.

Here at Express Property Services we understand that the key to a successful letting agency is keeping both a properties owner and it’s occupier happy at all time. We appreciate that at this can be a tricky balance at times, particularly when talking about maintaining a landlords property.

We understand that it is our responsibility as maintenance contractor to both ensure that the tenant is getting the required improvements to their homes and that the landlord is getting the very best value for money available to them. It is this balance that we believe we have perfected here at Express Property Services and this has meant that we have been able to work with many estate agencies in the South West successfully and we continue to do so to this day.

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