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Despite your best efforts to keep on top of preventative maintenance there will always come a moment when you have to call someone out to deal with an emergency. These can be the result of weather, attempts to break in, or just a failure of a component. Whatever the cause Express property Services are here to help.


A water leak can be very destructive, very quickly. The first thing to do is know how and where to turn off the water supply. Turn off the electricity as well if water is running near to cables or appliances. Trying a DIY repair on your water supply is likely to end up causing more problems than it solves. Call Express on 0800 731 3341 and we will have a professional repair in place promptly. If your stop cock hasn’t been turned off in some time, then it is worth getting us in to check that all shut off valves work correctly rather than finding out that you can’t shift them in an emergency.


Safety is vital when it comes to electricity. It is important to get any issues assessed by a professional electrician qualified to perform fault finding and repair work as soon as a problem shows up. Never try to fix the fault yourself. Again, get in touch with us and we will be there to assist. If it is safe to do so turn off the electrical supply at the main switch, but never take risks around electricity particularly if there is also water involved.


Whether they have failed or been tampered with, getting damaged locks repaired or replaced as quickly as possible is vital. Express started out as locksmiths and can get you into your property quite often in a non-destructive manner. As well as emergency lock repairs we can also offer a comprehensive security survey to bring you up to modern standards.

Weather damage

Storms now seem to come at any time of year, leaving broken windows and roofing in their wake. The most important point is to make the building weatherproof as quickly as possible to prevent further damage. Talk to your insurer and then ring Express Property Services.


If you think you can smell gas leave the property and call the National Gas Emergencies number 0800 111 999 straightaway. If your meter is in a safe place outside the building, then you can turn off the supply. The gas mains tap should be beside your gas meter. Move the handle a quarter turn until it’s at 90 degrees from the pipe to shut off the gas supply. The best way to prevent leaks is to get your appliances installed and maintained by a Gas Safe registered engineer. 

The best way to prevent emergency situations developing is to have a preventative maintenance plan in place. While you can’t expect to overcome every situation well maintained equipment will fail far less often than appliances, pipes, and locks that have been left to themselves for years. Keep our emergency number 0800 731 3341 handy  and give us a call if you need some further help planning your maintenance regime. 

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