Burglary – Prevention and Repair

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Domestic burglary has risen by more than 30% according to the latest police recorded figures released by the Office for National Statistics. This report shows that there were 261,915 domestic burglaries in the year to September 2017. While crime is nowhere near the levels seen in the 1990s when crime peaked, it does mean that the chances of being a target are greater than they were.

Contrary to the belief that burglars usually carry out their task late at night, they are most likely to be active between 9am and 5pm. They understand that most people will be out at work during the day. This makes ensuring all doors and windows are securely locked before leaving for work important. It also highlights that still one of the most effective measures when it comes to preventing burglaries is having all entry and exit points secured by good quality locks. We covered lock selection in our blog last month and we will always be pleased to provide our free security survey to help your choice.

Other things to consider when looking to deter a burglar visiting your home include;

  • Keeping keys away from windows and doors, preferably in a key safe.
  • Fitting a secure post box or letter cage. This can stop a burglar from undoing the latch from outside.
  • Keep high value items, such as laptops and tablets, out of sight from windows on the ground floor.
  • Fit a visible home alarm system. This actively discourages burglars from approaching the building, for fear of triggering an alert.
  • A well-maintained CCTV system can deter burglars, as evidence will be left behind.
  • Fit security lights so unwanted visitors will be readily spotted or heard.

If you do receive a call from burglars, then here are some steps that you should take. If you are sure they have left, then call the Police on 101. If you think there is any chance, they are still there then call 999 straightaway. If you have any broken windows or door-locks that need repairing, check whether they’re covered under your insurance policy and keep any receipts for emergency repairs. Some insurance companies might require photographic evidence, so be sure to double check over the phone what your insurance provider requires. You will usually need to make a claim within 24 hours of an incident.  Different insurance policies offer varying levels of cover, but most will offer some degree of financial protection in the event of a burglary. Holding the right contents insurance cover may not soften the blow of a burglary, but it can make sure you’re reimbursed and take the financial weight off your mind. 

Understanding what you can do to reduce the likelihood of a burglary and knowing how you are covered and what to do if it happens can reduce the stress of the event itself. Express Property Service have a freephone emergency number 0800 731 3341 that you can call to get help with home or business property’s security before anything happens and advise on the best physical security methods for you. Get in touch to discuss how we can help.

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