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A recent study by Monash University found that remodelled retail spaces can boost sales by as much as 50 percent. It highlights the importance of the in-store experience for customers, noting how the appearance of a retail space can motivate people to spend money. This doesn’t apply just to shops. The customer experience is equally important in estate agent’s offices, doctor’s surgeries and company reception areas. 

It may not seem that some of these areas are selling spaces, you may not even sell anything. But as the areas that your clients, patients and visitors see first how they look reflects the way they feel about the treatment or advice they receive. Professor Tracey Danaher, author of the Monash report says: “The look, feel, and mood of a firm’s retail service environment are unique and crafted purposefully to contribute to the brand and ultimately, its profitability.” We will cover colour in a future blog, but natural materials, suitable lighting, curved surfaces and positioning of furniture all contribute to the atmosphere of your building. Did you know for instance that 90% of people unconsciously turn right on entering a shop?

The NHS issue a series of design guides for use when building or renovating their facilities. CABE the Government’s advisor on architecture, urban design and public space provide similar guidance for local authorities for their buildings as well as schools and care homes. These are all based on the same principles as retail design, the process of making people feel comfortable in the environment and making the space and fixtures easy to use. Another area that is highlighted in these guides is the need for accessibility. There is clearly no point in having a doctor’s reception counter that wheelchair or mobility scooter users can’t see over. With nearly 5 million people having some form of restricted movement, all refurbishment programmes should aim to make your property more accessible. 

Express Property Services have a history of working on the renovation and upgrading of all types of shops, offices and practices. With our wide range of professions we can act as project managers as well as having access to all the trades you will need to carry out your refurbishment.

Creating a store experience that offers the advantages of brick-and-mortar retail while setting apart your brand will keep your retail store competitive in the age of online shopping. Ensuring that the customer, patient or visitor comes first in any refurbishment will enhance the effectiveness of the work. Get in touch to discuss how Express Property Services can help plan your refurbishment.

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