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While focusing on locks in recent blogs it is worth reminding ourselves that locks are only as good as the item that contains them. So, here is a reminder of some of the important points when looking at the repair of your doors and windows.

Sash Windows. These should glide smoothly up and down. Paint that has got into the runners can stick the window in place or make movement difficult. To keep the window sliding smoothly use a silicone-based spray or beeswax polish on the frame and moving parts. In cold or wet weather, the wood can swell slightly making windows difficult to open and close. Regular painting prevents damp getting into the timber. Make sure that paint doesn’t become to thick over the years. If you are adding locks to sash windows then these are completely dependent on the condition of the wood to be effective.

uPVC Windows and Doors. Keeping these in good condition does require a little work, but they will last a very long time if cared for. Clean the frames with warm soapy water twice a year and discolouration should be kept at bay. Cleaning glass inside and out regularly is important. Lint free clothes and a non-smearing cleaner work best. Lubricating moving parts with a product such as WD40 will keep them working efficiently. Over time seals can break down, and the glass become clouded. While it is possible to repair on some occasions, this may be the time to replace the glazing unit. Doing this will extend the life of the frames, and if replacing older units, they are likely to be considerably more efficient than the previous glazing. Hinges on uPVC windows and doors are usually robust, needing only lubrication. Locks are usually integral to the frames.

Composite doors. These are GRP over a timber core which can incorporate thermal breaks, making the inside of a door warmer than the outside, and will still be able to have security locking and hinges fitted. These can be very largely maintenance free and as above WD40 for the moving parts and cleaning will ensure a long life.

Wooden Doors. are most often used internally in commercial properties and in fire rated door openings as they provide a low-cost way to meet the applicable fire rating. Unless damaged these will have a long life as they generally see less extreme conditions and less use than external doors. 

Aluminium Doors and Windows. Repairs beyond normal care cleaning and maintenance are generally more specialist with aluminium frames. Call Express Property Services to discuss your requirements.

With society becoming more concerned with waste, repair rather replacement is a consideration for many domestic and commercial property owners, and doors and windows are usually very suitable for refurbishment rather than throwing away. Express Property Services are always happy to discuss your requirements. Get in touch to see how we can help. 

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