Working with people – the biggest part of managing maintenance

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One of the biggest challenges for any company working on clients’ buildings is handling the interactions with the different people they encounter and ensuring that they represent their company, and their client in a way that reflects well on both. 

That interaction can often start on the phone with an emergency call out to a burst pipe or broken lock. Someone with water pouring through their building can be understandably stressed. Talking to them in a calm and supportive manner helps to calm them so that the information needed to attend the call is acquired and serves to reassure them that assistance is on the way. At Express Property Services we have a tram of Works Coordinator whose job is specifically to liaise with our customers and the team on the road. This provides a key element of customer service, communication. Keeping all parties informed of the progress of a job is crucial.

When on site the people that a contractor will meet range from senior managers at a commercial premises, to staff and patients at a surgery, or tenants in a multi occupancy building. This means that the engineers and surveyors need to be aware of who they may encounter and what will be expected of them in that event. Having a team on the ground who are aware of the customer service aspects of the business is always important. A customer told us recently about a window installer working on a neighbouring property playing loud music, shouting and swearing. That company have done their reputation no good by failing to recognise that they represent their client every bit as much as they do their own company.

First impressions are important, and we always ensure that our vehicles are clean, and sign written as they are the most visible part of the business. Our on-site teams wear company branded uniforms so they can be identified on site. Particularly working in a domestic setting this can provide reassurance to residents that the people walking around their building are meant to be there. Paperwork, from initial quote to final invoice is another way that the impression of your business as a professional organisation can be enhanced. These are vital pieces of communication with a customer and their appearance, and timely arrival, have a significant impact on a client’s view of your work.

At Express Property Services we have always worked hard to ensure that we take working with people as seriously as we take the hands-on work we undertake. The testimonials page of our website mentions our “comprehensive and accurate” reporting, and our willingness to work to a customer’s schedule. We would be happy to talk to you about how we can provide a professional maintenance and repair service for your business. Please get in touch.

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